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1. Your Custom Designed Room Package

In approximately 2-6 weeks you will receive your custom designed room package. You will either receive all of your materials by mail or e-mail depending on which package you purchased. You will be notified by email when your box has shipped. This visualization will bring your new room to reality and will provide you the complete idea of your new custom designed room.

2. Furniture Plan/Floor Plan

You will receive a detailed schematic furniture plan showing each piece of furniture and how it is placed in your room, allowing you to better visualize the finished space. Each piece is accurately selected to fit within the parameters of your room.

3. 3D Room View

You will also receive a 3-dimensional perspective color rendering of exactly how your new room will look, using exact or similar fabric and finish selection that have been selected for your design. This will help you visualize the space before you begin your project.

4. Concept Board

You will receive a full-sized concept board that integrates all the elements of your custom designed room. This will help you visualize how all items relate to one another and how they all work together to create your perfect space.

5. Fabric & Finish Selections

Your will receive a booklet that holds all the specific fabric materials, paint chips, wallpaper samples, flooring, tile, and hardware that creates your custom designed room. These are the actual materials and finishes that will be found throughout your room.

6. Shopping List & Price List

You will receive a detailed shopping and pricing list of products recommended for your custom designed room, based on your selected budget. You will also receive a list of web links and recommended retailers for: furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, lighting, floor covering, tile, cabinetry and accessories.

7. Gift Certificate

Each Room Design package includes a Gift Certificate redeemable for 10% off your next purchase. 


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