Step 2


1. Analyze your completed questionnaire

Once we receive all your materials, we will thoroughly go through and analyze all of your information and begin to develop a design concept that best suits your home and personal lifestyle, paying special attention to what inspires your. The answers you provide is extremely important information that will assist us in creating a unique custom room, designed especially for you.

2. Review Your Room Photographs and Drawings

We spend a considerable amount of time reviewing your room photos and drawings which will allow us to better understand and visualize your entire room, and create the best possible design for you based on the set parameters of your existing room.

3. Review Images of existing pieces that you wish to remain

We spend time reviewing pieces you wish to incorporate into your design helping us to determine what pieces will influence the design concept.

4. Assimilate Your Inspirational Images

By provide us with these inspirational images it is the best way for you to communicate your goals and aspirations for your room design. We will spend a precise and thorough amount of time analyzing these images allowing us to determine a design direction that is uniquely yours and reflects your own personal style.

5. Create a scaled drawing of your floor plan

Using the dimensions from all your drawings, we will draft a computer generated scaled drawing of your room showing furniture placement. You will also receive a 3-dimensional perspective color rendering of exactly how your new room will look, using similar or exact fabric and paint swatches, etc… This will help you better visualize your space before you begin your project.

6. Create Visual Tools for You

We will then create all the visual tools for you that articulates the design. Combining all of this information we will put together a package containing a list of furnishing, fabrics and materials that have been selected to create your new space.


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