About Us


At Rooms Designed in a Box, we recognize the meaning and value of our clients! We are proudly committed to not only delivering a creative and sensible design solution for each project; but execute the design process with every attention to detail in an affordable, timely and professional manner.

Rooms Designed in a Box is an on-line interior designed service for those who want to be more involved with the design process and have the flexibility to have more control over the budget and overall outcome.

Our Room in a Box packages will provide you with everything you need to redesign any room in your home, regardless of where you live, what your budget is or what your timeline is. Rooms Designed in a Box delivers gorgeous, professionally designed rooms, but simply points to a new money saving trend of the traditional on-site interior design services. It’s just like having your very own design team in the room with you!

When you purchase one of our design packages you will receive a customized plan for your room created by professional designers, giving you expert advice on how to recreate your personalized space for an affordable price.

Our Design Packages will help you:

  • Complete the project on your own timeline and budget 
  • Save you time and money 
  • Obtain a professionally finished look and the chance to recreate high-end looks for much less 
  • Keep you focused on a specific design direction and eliminates the possibility of making costly mistakes. 
  • See how you’re finished room will look before you start your project 
  • See creative options from professional designer that you may not have thought of to give your space that distinct style