Welcome to Rooms Designed in a Box! 

Rooms Designed in a Box offers a variety of online services including: “Virtual Room Design” a custom “virtual” design package, delivered to you via, email and “Rooms Designed in a Box”, a custom interior design package delivered to your front door via, mail.

Each package provides you with all of the necessary tools, products and advice you will need to redesign any room in your home. You get the polished look of a professionally designed room that you can do yourself, on your own time and budget  . Each one of our packages simulates an actual interior designer personally coming to your home and designing your room for you!

 Rooms Designed In a Box was created by BH Interior Design LLC, a highly respected design studio of professional designers with years of design experience who would like to provide a less expensive means for those who would like help in redesigning any room in their home.

Step 1 : Define Your Style

Your Style is very important to us! Start by providing us with the necessary information by filling out our Client Questionnaire and Color Analysis

Step 2 : We Collaborate

We will analyze all the information you have sent us and make our professional assessment, and begin creating your custom design room package.

Step 3 : Your Package Arrives

Within 2-6 weeks you will receive your Custom Designed Package with everything you need to develop your project into reality…The process is easy, so let’s begin the design journey.

Start Here!

Room Design Package #1

A beautifully hand packaged box containing your custom design plan with all of your materials expertly assembled by a design professional and delivered to your front door. 


Rooms Designed in a Box is an actual physical product which costs more than the Virtual Room Design because of additional material and labor costs associated with putting each box together.” 


Room Design Package #2

An even more affordable custom design plan containing all of your materials designed by a professional and delivered to you, virtually, via e-mail.


Virtual Room Design is 100% virtual and includes the same concept as package #1, but does not include any tangible items. ————————————————-